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Consultation and Design Services

Which level of service will you need?

Why hire an independent designer or consultant? It is prudent to get advice from someone who will not benefit financially from the advice or solutions given in this and all services!

Walk-thru Consultation

(2 hrs +/-)

Starting at $275

No two consultations are alike, but typically this is for someone needing general landscape advice, problem solving ideas, tree evaluations, drainage advice, replacement suggestions for dead or missing plants, etc.

You are the note taker for this service.

For heftier design needs consider the following options.

Consultation with Sketches

(3-4 hrs +/-)
This service available only in Bosque County


This is for someone who “just wants a better yard”.  That may sound funny, but you might be surprised how often I hear that.  If you don’t know what to do, but know you want something better than what you have, this service is right for you!   You can have the confidence of making great plant and design choices that will enhance your surroundings while spending your landscaping dollars wisely.

You do the preliminary work for this service in that you provide a 1/8” scale plot plan.  Send your email address for instructions.  The more you do to prepare, the better value for your money.

The process … We will walk the portion of the yard on which we will focus (front or back) and then I draw a sketch while at your site.  I will show pictures of plants to help you visualize.   When I leave, you have your sketch and plant key in hand, ready to implement.  No long waits!

Full Landscape Design

Starting at $2,275 plus tax

1/3 payment is due at each meeting

Low maintenance, low water use designs are tailored to reflect the personality and individual needs of each customer.

1st Meeting We walk your property as you express your ideas and concerns. A copy of your property survey is needed for this meeting.
2nd Meeting A colored rough design is presented along with photos of plants as we finalize the ideas for your yard.
3rd Meeting Delivery of your design. (3 copies)

This service is best for someone who wants a landscape designed specifically with their family in mind, or perhaps has many problems to solve such as pets, shade, drainage problems, major grade changes, etc.  As much time as necessary is spent on each customer’s plan to think through and provide great ideas and solutions for their landscape.

It is not unusual for this service to have a waiting list, so plan ahead!  Please be patient, your project will also receive my closest attention.